A gift idea with purpose, ethical and fair

A month prior to Christmas, our brain starts bubbling: the list of gifts to find grows in length and ideas keep rolling...

I offer you a marvellous idea, suggested by an english friend, for a favorite niece who heartfully loves horses and dreams of her own: your gift of to make her become a "Angels of Arabians" Patreon of one of our foals or of a grown up....not only will she receive her Groom, Godmother or Gaurdian Angel gift, but alos a nice print of a photograph of "her " beloved horse. By checking on the Angels of Arabians site, she will regularly receive news of her protege.


Introducing Kharish Zahra ISHMAEL (07/18/2018) who masters the art of stealing hearts

Laurence et ses Petits BĂ©douins

Laurence Of Arabians "Such a Nice Place to Grow Up"

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