Silk Scarves "The Sons of the Desert"

A remarkable artist sublimated by silk ... some pictures of the squares "Les Fils du Désert" inspired by the work of Sara Foxa for the Arab Bedouin Horses of our breeding Laurence Of Arabians ... We will be happy to present you these inspiring pieces during your stay.

All the benefits go to the work of preservation of the Desert Bred Bedouin lines that inspired the artwork.

Upon request, I will send you the order form.
Silk twill squares quality 16,
90 x 90 cms
Made in France in the best tradition of who you know,
Roulotted by hand,
Offered at the introductory price of 129.00 € (170.00 € TTC then).
Book your perfect copy as a Mother's Day gift!
- Orange
- Turquoise
- Marine
- Powdery pink

Version Orange