La Grande Maison | Chambre PEGASE


A limestone blue stormy sky rubs a soothing sand facing the impressive headboard composed of heavy XVIII doors that will open to your dreams. The bathroom tiled with wood and paved with basalt plays chromotherapy bath or shower.

On the North East wing unfolds this vast and bright room, its bathroom and private shower and toilet.

At the entrance, Foxa's original drawing "Il Palio degli Pegasi" - (Palio des Pegasas) sets the tone.

Part of the walls is lime made to measure by The Colored Grain: hue "sky of storm" a deep blue which rubs the zinc gray of the foot of the lamp of bedside.

Porcelain pleated reading lamps are English reissues as beautiful as practical.

The huge headboard as a "door to your dreams" consists of two panels imported from southern Spain and dated 1745 ...

A stormy sky side and a silver square side ... so goes life, between night and light ...

The beige checkerboard welcomes a pair of felt chairs surrounding a courtesy tray (kettle, tea and coffee).

On the Louis XIII desk in solid oak, a zinc vase Christian Tortu meets the lamp feet &.

The cast iron pen holder and its totemic hare will make a funny empty pockets.

from 200€ /night
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